Total Enviro Solutions is a premier ShotBlasting company with over 1,2 million m2 of shot blasting done to  date. Pioneering the technology in 2008, shot blasting grown into the premier surface preparation mechanism for steel and concrete. 

ShotBlasting is a highly efficient means of removing a coating or debris for steel or concrete. Using high tech industrial SPE-20E machines which ‘shoot’ steel shot onto the surface at high velocity. It creates the required profile on surface, and then recycled back into the system while all dust and debris are removed by powerful vacuums. The system is dustless, transportable and can be disassembled to fit into the inside of a crude oil tank. 

ShotBlasting applications include:

  • Line Removal from roads
  • Line Removal from runways
  • Swimming pool rehabilitation
  • Surface preparation on new concrete floors
  • Removal of costing on existing concrete floors
  • Surface Preparation on steel
  • Removing of coating on steel
  • Crude Oil tank cleaning.