Hydrodemolition is revolutionising the way that we are all approaching demolition and embracing the first few aspects of safe destruction and repair. This approach is a much safer and faster method of breaking and removing large obstacles such as rocks, concrete, and even houses.

Hydrodemolition is made safer and a more effective means of demolition is by using high pressured jetting water to chip away at the hard substance quickly and faster than a traditional jack hammer. Hydrodemolition does not destroy the re-bar, which is a highly important quality that it possesses.

We offer safe and secure means of removing heavy and large materials with a professional service to ensure that you can move on with your projects in a timely manner.

Total Enviro Solutions had been pioneering Hydrodemolition since 2015. We have made a considerable investment in the state of the art equipment from Sweden to tackle most concrete demolition or rehabilitation.

Using Aquajet Robots from Sweden and Ultra High pressure pumps operation at 1000 bar at 100 lites per minute the Aquajet Robot efficiently removes the concrete, exposing the re-bar without causing any structural damaging.

HydroDemolition applications include:

  • Rehabilitation of bridges
  • concrete structures
  • Bridge repair
  • Removing old concrete
  • Removing incorrectly laid concrete.
  • Warf and harbour repair
  • Road repair
  • Building repair
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